Julian Newman

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Julian has begun his professional photography adventure at the young age of 25. Using photography as a creative outlet, he opens up new realms of artistry through this profession.

Using the presence of his late mother, April Newman, as a mentor, his skills constantly escalade and he continues his learnings through workshops, courses, mentors and Ivy Technical Institution. Julian first discovered this passion buried deep within while capturing moments at family gatherings and slowly noticing that he wasn't included in any of the portraits. Of course, because he was always behind the camera.

Growing up as a child, Julian had a very creative and artistic mind. Usually hidden outdoors creating imaginery environments, or recruiting new friends to play hide go seek, Julian has always had a friendly spirit that has carried over to his adult hood. Steadily drawing and painting through middle school, Julian remained top standards in his artistic classes and was always excited to start new projects. In present day, Julian searches for new challenges in life that feed his photographic nature and puts each project in its own category capturing life moments to perfection........

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